Red Chilli Media

Marketing Services

At Red Chilli Media, we aim to provide our clients with the best outdoor advertising signs and moving billboards in Melbourne. We will offer you effective advertising ideas that are sure to meet your needs and budget.

We take pride in our ability to customize our methods and approach to suit specific requirements of different Melbourne businesses and events. Any number of Red Chilli Media out of home advertising services can be combined into a unique package in order to create the ultimate business advertising strategy for your brand.

Red Chilli Media services include:

Product sampling

Giving away free samples of your products is the best way to increase the exposure rate of your business. Customers love free samples and will definitely take them and try your product even if they weren’t looking for something like this. Numerous marketing and psychological studies prove that people are more likely to buy the product they have been offered for free.

At Red Chilli Media, we can provide you with samples that will enhance your brand’s positive reputationaround Melbourne and attract new customers.

Promotion staff (male/female)

Including our highly-qualified promotional staff in your small business advertising strategy will allow you connect with your prospective customers. Our cheerful and talented staff will not only deliver your message, but engage people from different parts of Melbourne and get them truly interested in your business. We know how to generate excitement and positive energy around an outdoor advertising campaign and use these forces to benefit your business by making a lasting impression on your targeted group of customers.

Billboard ads are good, but combining them with promotional staff will allow you to enhance the efficiency of your Melbourne advertising campaign as a whole.

Custom vehicle

We at Red Chilli Media can create any kind of custom vehicle wrap, from a simple decal with your company logo to a full wrap that will turn your car into a huge moving billboard. This promotion tactic is often overlooked, which is same as it’s extremely efficient. Custom vehicle wraps are eye-catching, so they guarantee the increase in brand awareness. The impact of this moving billboard is significant, and its price is really affordable. This makes custom vehicle wraps one of the most cost-efficient types of mobile advertising.


Red Chilli Media Vespas will take LED billboards with your message down the streets of Melbourne and make sure that your targeted customers notice them. We will help you develop a route and schedule that will ensure the biggest impact for a reasonable price.


Like Vespas, Red Chilli Media Smartcars carry LED outdoor signs with your message around Melbourne. Including this marketing tool in your promotion strategy will enhance brand awareness and show your prospective customers that you have good taste and understand the importance of fuel efficiency. It’s always beneficial to show that your business is eco-friendly by using the “greenest” types of mobile billboards.

Walking billboards

The biggest benefit of walking billboards when compared to samples, fliers, and other similar promotional tools is the fact that they are impossible to ignore. If you hire Red Chilli Media promo staff to deliver your brand’s message to targeted customers via this type of moving billboards, you can be sure that the message will reach the audience. Walking billboards stand out and draw attention on the streets of Melbourne as they are unusual and interesting. It’s best to use this type of outdoor signs when advertising the launch of a new product, special offers, promotions, or discounts, as well as during conferences and similar events (both indoors and outdoors).